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Unlocking Your Path to Canada: Join Our Immigration Law Seminar for Iranians and Farsi Speakers

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Are you an Iranian or Farsi speaker residing in the Vancouver area? Navigating the intricacies of immigration law can be overwhelming, but worry not! We're thrilled to announce an exclusive seminar tailored just for you. Get ready to demystify immigration processes, resolve doubts, and empower yourself with the knowledge you need.

Introducing Armin Saeedi: Your Immigration Guide

Meet Armin Saeedi, a seasoned law graduate with a rich background in Canadian and American law. As a representative of the esteemed Henderson & Lee Law Corporation, Armin is dedicated to helping individuals like you navigate the complexities of immigration law. Whether you've encountered immigration challenges or simply have questions, Armin's expertise is here to guide you.

What to Expect at the Seminar

Join us at the Coquitlam Public Library for an engaging and informative seminar that aims to equip you with essential insights into immigration law. This seminar is not your ordinary legal lecture; it's an informal and welcoming gathering where you can comfortably learn and interact.

Immigration Law serminar for Farsi speakers

📋 Agenda:

  1. Types of Visas and Application Process: Discover the various visa options available and gain a clear understanding of how to successfully apply for them.

  2. Permanent Residency Made Accessible: Learn the steps to obtain permanent residency while in Canada, whether you're on a visitor visa, work permit, or study permit.

  3. Family Sponsorship: Explore the process of sponsoring your family, children, and spouse for residency in Canada, fostering unity in your journey.

  4. Navigating Separation and Residency: Understand the residency status of individuals who initially came to Canada through the sponsorship of a significant other but subsequently faced separation.

📅 Date and Time: Saturday, September 2, 2023 2:00 PM

🏢 Location: Room 127, Coquitlam Public Library 1169 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam

Secure Your Spot

This seminar is your chance to unravel the mysteries of immigration law in a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your knowledge and empower yourself on the path to Canadian residency.

RSVP Today: Contact us at or call 236-888-6294 to reserve your spot. Space is limited, so act fast!

Armin Saeedi and the entire team at "Henderson & Lee" Law Corporation are eagerly looking forward to meeting you and helping you take the next step towards your Canadian dreams. See you there! 🇨🇦🌟



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